B2B copywriter, videogames writer.

Translating cryptic techspeak into relatable, humanistic stories; and writing compelling pieces with a unique perspective - these are the gist of what I do. 

Long been entranced by stories since young, this passion has been translated into a love for writing, bringing me to produce content for a myriad of enterprise tech companies. As a copywriter for gyro, my responsibilities include planning and executing the content strategy of our B2B clients.

I also write extensively about videogames. I’m a Website Contributor with Unwinnable, where I publish weekly articles. My words have also appeared on Paste MagazineKill Screen and Polygon. I'm intrigued by the role of videogames in our culture, as well as its immense capacity for weaving a complex but relatable narrative.

Thoughts? Feel free to contact me or through my social links (the little circles below my face) on the left.


ARTICLE: No Time to Work Out? Here's How You Can Make More

The high-pressure working environment in Singapore, coupled with a hectic schedule, means exercising often takes a backseat in our lives. For some, devoting additional time to working out after an exhausting day at work seems like a chore. And for others bogged down by a variety of responsibilities like family, social obligations, and pet projects, committing to a full-fledged workout session can feel like an impossible task.
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